Meet Our Team

 Gian Paolo Raviele: Founder

The vision for ELE Custom has been born through Gian Paolo Raviele out of a natural progression because of the unique opportunity to see the demand for custom upholstery rise throughout the years. Since being in a leadership role within the DHU group of companies over the past 12+ years, which has been responsible for providing a variety of upholstery throughout its 40+ year history for the likes of retailers such as; The Brick, IKEA, Costco, Sears and Leon’s (just to name a few)—there was always an endless line of requests over the years that would come up from people wanting something just a little different from all the offerings we made available in the market.

Being able to then harness that information from the history of those inquiries coupled with the expertise and tools for producing pieces for extremely high demand clients in the same industry, allowed him to perceive the nuanced similarities and develop a program that can uniquely meet the need in the marketplace, provide exceptional margins for retailers and simultaneously create an opportunity to grow the ELE Custom brand.


 Silvana Raviele: Head of Operations & Consumer Relations

After more than a decade in the banking industry, specializing in consumer relations, compliance, strategy and sales, Silvana decided to follow a less certain path in exploring her creative interests. She brings a wealth of experience in customer service and strategizing to the ELE team and her attention to the finer details has made all the difference in creating an innovative collaborative experience that lies at the heart of ELE Custom design and creative philosophy. Besides furniture and interior design, Silvana is passionate about good food, good wine, traveling and seeking new experiences to broaden her appreciation of the diversity of the world and culture. In her words: "my 2 gorgeous girls and 1 gorgeous man are my inspiration and motivation"



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